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Gateway Simulation


My group and I were assigned the task of moving a local restaurant, Mama's on 39, to Colombia. We were in charge of finding an exact location, designing a marketing plan, researching the country, and marketing the restaurant in its new location. After thorough research, we chose to move the restaurant to the city of Bogotá. We were competing against other teams to create the best presentation. We needed to work together to plan the best moving process for Mama's to be successful in its new country. We then presented our findings and detailed plan to a panel of judges, and my group ended up winning the Best Group Award for our restaurant!

Team Mission Statement

Our mission is to move your restaurant to another location safely, quickly, and for a great price! We want to do this by helping restaurants find new locations, and set them up for success. Moving your restaurant will give you new business opportunities. We will collect all the needed information on how to move the restaurant in an orderly fashion. No matter where you want to move your restaurant, we can make it happen.​


Click the link to watch our presentation!


  • Writing Four P's of Marketing

  • Creating a Business and Logo

  • Writing a Mission Statement

  • Researching a Country

  • Public Speaking

  • Working as a Team

  • SWOT Reports

  • Distribution Methods


This was my first major group project. In the beginning, it was a little stressful to know where to start. The project was long and there was a lot of work that needed to be completed. I learned so much about how to research, write business related documents, and work as a team. My team was very good about evenly sharing the work and collaborating. I am so happy that we persevered through the project, and were awarded for our hard work!

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